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Get access to the complete ICD-10 data, including the most common ICD-10 codes and all ICD-10 codes directory for medical procedures billing.

When using any of the ICD-10 codes for your medical billing, you make sure to look at the different ICD-10 codes, as alternative ICD-10 codes, to make sure you are selecting the best match ICD-10 code from our ICD-10 Data.

You can search the ICD-10 data either by looking at the selected ICD-10 codes below or use the ICD-10 codes search box to search the complete ICD-10 data directory.

ICD-10 Data

What’s the difference between ICD-10 Codes & ICD-9 Codes?

The main differences between ICD-10 and ICD-9 codes is the number of numbers of characters involved in each code as ICD-9 has only up to five characters while ICD-10 has up to seven.

ICD-10 adds laterality to the coding system, which ICD-9 lacks and offers more specific codes for care, body area, etc.

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